Festival motto


'Metamorphoses' is the festival motto for the next edition of HERBSTGOLD in the big celebratory year of 2021, which marks the 100th anniversary of Burgenland. The immortal power of eternal transformation alludes not only to evolution and revolution in music, but also to the HERBSTGOLD Festival itself, which welcomes the world-class violinist and conductor Julian Rachlin as its new artistic director. His vision for the festival in and around Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt will enthral the hearts of more than music lovers:

Building on an already well-established festival, under Rachlin's aegis HERBSTGOLD is set to become one of the most important fixed periods in the international music calendar. As so often in its long history, Esterházy Castle will again become a place of encounter, where famous personalities mingle: great conductors with 'their' orchestras, leading soloists, internationally renowned string quartets and well-known actors will transform Eisenstadt into a centre of masterful artistic creativity with outstanding programmes. HERBSTGOLD aims to be a place of pilgrimage for the elite of the artistic world. Our goal is to attract and inspire international visitors; but, of course, we also want to reach the people of Burgenland themselves and instil them with pride. Like a box of finest jewelery, HERBSTGOLD is sure to radiate out into the world, far beyond the borders of Austria.

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